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After being nominated by the Cochran Firm as their top criminal attorney in the fall of 2005, Michael started his own law firm. Currently, the Law Offices of Michael K. Cernyar are headquartered in Long Beach, California, with offices in Los Angeles and Newport Beach. We represent clients throughout the United States.

If you were unjustly convicted, then you may find that you are stymied by a system that would preferably sentence the wrongfully convicted than admit a mistake.  You may be entirely innocent.  Or maybe you are not entirely innocent, but were convicted with violations you did not commit.  Michael Cernyar can defend you and your Rights during this time of injustice.     

Michael Cernyar believes in winning.  When results matter – you will want the intensity and the experience Michael K. Cernyar brings to your appeal.  Trust the experience and proven results of one of the finest criminal appellate lawyers in California.  


Michael Cernyar’s practice in criminal appeals includes experience in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, along withCalifornia's Appellate Court.

In any appeals case, an appellate lawyer will be looking for court committed errors or attorney committed errors (substantive errors or procedural errors), or the appellate attorney will argue that the facts considered by the previous jury were wrong.  

Since the courts of appeals possess only appellate jurisdiction, they do not hold trials. Instead, appeals courts decide only the question of whether the trial court followed proper procedures in reaching its conclusion in a particular case.  Accordingly, an appeals court considers only the record (that is, the papers the parties filed and the transcripts and any exhibits from any trial) from the trial court, and the legal arguments of the parties. These arguments, which are presented in written form, and can range in length from dozens to hundreds of pages, are paradoxically known as “briefs.”  Sometimes lawyers are permitted to add to their written briefs with oral arguments before the appeals judges.  At such hearings, only the parties' lawyers are allowed to speak to the court.

The court of appeals cannot find anyone “guilty” or “not guilty” since the appeals court is judging the trial itself, not the defendant, no one is ever convicted or sentenced by an appeals court.  When a convicted client “wins” an appeal, it does not mean that he is now found to be innocent.  It means that his trial was judged by the appeals court to have been improperly conducted in one way or another.   The client is still subject to being tried again on the same charges.  Sometimes the prosecutor will opt not to try the client again.   Accordingly, the charges may be dismissed entirely.

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Michael K. Cernyar’s success as a criminal appeals lawyer is based upon his integrity, mastery of appellate law, attention to detail and his willingness to confront issues with the government head on.  Moreover, Michael K. Cernyar's reputation as a brilliant criminal appeals attorney has been recognized by others. Michael K. Cernyar has recently been interviewed by ABC, The Wall Street Journal, the Associate Press and other publications.